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At the end of the eighties, performing on narrow stages with managers more or less inspired, this band from south of France (Avignon) starts in the musicbusiness using their young but unbeliveable sense of writing simple and amazing songs.

It is important to notice that the GENERALS had, at that time, a little warmy Ford Transit truck where the musicians lived, playing several games like COUENCHE (kind of Belote played in the south of France) or TAROT, and made a delicious french cooking during the hours of driving from gigs to gigs.

Another way to see their first LP was recorded and mixed in 10 days in 1989 and was released on vinyl.

After a long tour in UK (54 gigs) and France (more than 100 concerts), the band recorded 4 new tracks, which added to the eight previous songs gave birth to their first compact disc: Between four white walls.
the first single released from the album was broadcasted by all the french rock radios, while the videoclip was regularly played by M6 channel.

Late in 1991 was released a maxi called My baby loved including five solid rock songs.

In 1992 a european tour starts. In Paris they performed at the famous OLYMPIA theater. In Avignon they did an outdoor concert in front of 10000 people. They also played at the Free Wheels festival (20000 people).
At the end of 1992
Rock'N'Roll their (real!) second album was released

In 1993, the band is on the road again, and in the studio too where the Generals recorded new songs that will never be avalaible cause of their split off in 1994.

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